Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The Number 1 question I get as a Personal Trainer is: How do I burn the fat off my stomach, hips, thighs, butt, etc...?  The answer is simple.  GET YOUR HEART RATE UP.

The Human Body is a complex machine capable of amazing feats and keeping it In Shape is suprisingly easy.  The amount of exercise techniques, programs, dvd's, machines, diets, gyms and celebrity trainers have created a $20 billion Fitness Industry.  There are so many choices & so much information available, people don't know where to start or what to believe.  First off, don't think about eating food as eating FATS or eating CARBS or eating PROTEIN.  Think about your food as ENERGY.  Because that is what food is for.  You eat food for ENERGY, period.  Second, EXERCISE is all about working your body to consume more OXYGEN.  Your HEART beats faster, making your body transfer or pump BLOOD & OXYGEN faster i.e. getting your heart rate up.  When you do this, you burn more energy (fats, carbs, sugars, meats, cheeses, burgers, salads, bananas, slim jims, water, apples, milk, soda, mcdonalds, beans, etc...).

Burning Fat takes time.  Just like gaining fat takes time.  You don't gain 1lb of fat by going to your favorite fast food restaurant and pigging out (It takes approximately 3500 fat calories to equal 1lb of fat, that means you would have to eat about 5 Double Quarter Pounders in one sitting).  Now, if your diet consists of regular visits to these restaurants and consistent large quantity fat consumption, then you are more likely to gain fat.  Wow! Big Surprise!  If you eat a lot of fat, you will get fat!  Eating Fast Food once or twice a week is not going to make you fat.  You don't have to feel bad about yourself for going to McDonald's or Wendy's a few times a week.  Just remember, you should eat a varied range of food groups i.e. Fruits &Vegetables, Milk &Dairy, Meat & Fish, Bread & Cereal and Fats & Sugars.

A Good Diet is all about Variation.  You should eat a variety of foods.  And if at all possible, eat 5 - 7 meals per day.  That means 5 to 7 smaller meals.  5 to 7!!!  I know not very realistic.  So instead of 5 to 7 try 4 or 5.  The Idea behind eating more consistently throughout the day is to keep a steady flow of energy in your body, which will allow your body to stay in a consistent energy building & burning cycle or the Krebs Cycle.  Eating 2 or 3 larger meals per day disrupts the Body's natural energy burning cycle.  If you've ever heard the term METABOLISM, you know a FAST Metabolism is preferred over a SLOWER Metabolism.  METABOLISM is the rate at which your body consumes, breaks down and transfers energy to all systems of the body (When you eat, your body breaks down the food into energy).  Keeping your Body in this cycle of Energy Building & Burning makes your METABOLISM FASTER.  Now not everyone has a schedule that allows for consistent food eating, so keep it simple.  Try to have a Healthy Snack in between your Meals.  This way you will not be as
hungry when you sit down for your next MEAL & you will keep your METABOLISM faster.

Now that you have EATEN and your Body has Energy, you can EXERCISE.  It helps to exercise at least 1 Hour AFTER you've eaten, that way you've digested the food to the point where you won't throw it up:)  Some people are afraid or cringe at the word, "Exercise."  If you don't like the word, then think of it as MOVING.  Just get MOVING.  JUMP, RUN, SWIM, BOUNCE, BIKE, JOG, WALK, THROW, CLIMB, SWING, BASKETBALL, FOOTBALL, FUTBOL, BASEBALL, VOLLEYBALL, TRACK, GYM, TRAIL, SIDEWALK, STREET, FIELD, PUSH-UP, PULL-UP, SIT-UP, LEG-LIFT, BENCH-PRESS, LEG-PRESS, LIFT, PULL, PUSH, STRETCH, BREATHE, DRINK, KICK, PUNCH, ROLL, DODGE, TWIST, TURN, DANCE, SWEAT, HYDRATE, TUG-O-WAR, NINJA WARRIOR, PARKOUR, PLAYGROUND, YMCA, GOLD'S, PLANET, LA, 24-HOUR, HOUSE, BEDROOM, BASEMENT, ATTIC, LIVING ROOM.

The choices & locations for Exercise are endless.  As long as you choose 1 or maybe a couple of them, you'll be in Better Shape for it.  If you can do 15 or 20 minutes everyday you'll be in Better Shape.  And don't worry about how much or how little you do.  As long as you're doing something and not just sitting, you'll be GREAT.  TRY TO BREAK A SWEAT.  If you're SWEATING and BREATHING FASTER than normal, then you're doing it right.  I hope this helps someone.  & if you need more motivation or someone to direct you, send me an email or call me @717 693 2374

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