Friday, June 13, 2014

In the Hands of Engineers

We all drive and ride in cars every day of our lives. We live in houses and work in buildings engineered to withstand our weight, movements, weather and all the stuff we put inside. Every structure is designed with thousands of years of historical, scientific and mathematical intelligence behind it. So a recent trip to another form of Architectural Genius led me to question, "Why am I so sore?" 

I left Hershey Park my body in pain and my voice gone, which forced me to think about what is happening to our bodies at Amusement Parks? I recalled a thought I shared dismounting 'The Great Bear' ride after a second go-around of the Roller Coasters. "I'm so sore I feel like I've been through a heavyweight fight." Though I've never fought a heavyweight or been in a professional wrestling match, I imagine every muscle being sore, every tendon tight and my insides wrenching; exactly the way I felt exiting "the sweetest place on Earth."

G-Forces are thought of as Gravitational Forces that act upon one's body during high speeds. In actuality it is not gravity alone, but the conglomeration of one's own mass and acceleration, interacting with gravity leading to a G-Force. You sit in the Roller Coaster. You weight 150lbs. The Coaster travels 75MPH at its peak speed when diving straight down toward the ground, but the G-Force is greatest at the bottom of that drop where an up-curve swings the Coaster & your body upward, sending you through a violent angle, pulling every muscle and organ in your body through Forces that Astronauts experience in Space Exploration Training. Fun right.

Well not all fun. Eventually your body gets sore from all the G-Forces. I started feeling it after about 15 to 20 coaster rides; a little wooziness, a slight head ache and soreness all over. The people I was with began to notice my veins popping out of my arms and head. And my voice was lowered 1 or 2 octaves than normal due to my yelling & screaming. Another fun part of riding the roller coasters is you can scream at the top of your lungs and no one cares. I'm not really terrified for my life, but it's fun to pretend. It's also cathardic to scream so loud it hurts.

Like any physical activity you can build up a tolerance to the G-Forces. I guess if I bought season passes and went once or twice a week I'd experience more euphoria riding the giant mechanical bulls of Hershey Park? Not so much. Not my kind of high. But still a good time. One last thing. You're more likely to die on a roller coaster at the boardwalk or a small-scale park than on Large-Scale theme/amusement park rides. All are inspected regularly by law, but not all rides are created equally. Malfunctions are more likely to occur at the beginning and ends of park seasons due to weathering, usage and normal wear. Let's face it, the odds of dying on a roller coaster are astronomical (1 in 300 million), but things go wrong. Machines malfunction and things break. Not trying to scare anyone, but use your head when putting your safety know.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2014 NFL Draft
On the Eve of the NFL Draft, Scouts & Prognosticators have made their projections and predictions. Who's going first, who's going in the first and who will be sitting and waiting and waiting..... and waiting after the first round of draft picks? Player's futures have already been written, their pasts analyzed down to their diets, but the beautiful thing is once they step on the field the manuscripts are torn up and every player gets a chance to write his own rough draft.

Johnny Manziel is the quarterback everyone is looking at. Jadaveon Clowney is the likely first pick. Sammy Watkins is the future Larry Fitzgerald. Khalil Mack is a can't miss. We're all hoping our team gets one of these guys and that our future fantasy teams wreap the benefits.

Manziel is the most interesting pick for me. He's an undersized quarterback with a good arm and +speed. His college career was stellar. Manziel excelled in the SEC, improved from year 1 to 2 and displayed great abilities in big games against the best competition. He didn't play for the best team, but he made Texas A&M relevant & a contender. But Johnny's negatives make him a risky pick for any NFL Team.

Johnny's biggest strength is also his greatest weakness. His tendency to run may hinder his progression as an NFL quarterback. What this means is, Johnny Football's brilliance & creativity as a running quarterback also make him High Risk as a Top Pick in the Draft. Manziel never got seriously injured in college,
but he was often dinged-up and played hurt due to his constant running. If College players can hurt you, NFL players will injur you. Ultimately, when a team invests in a draft pick like a stock, they want someone safe with great potential & high character. But hey, not everyone can be Andrew Luck.

What Johnny Manziel has to overcome is his need to run the football. He is not Russell Wilson. Johnny's frame is more slight & his decision-making is IDGAF"He's reckless, careless and small." Not exactly the kind of football player many teams want to pin their future on. Manziel needs to tailor his game to Wilson's. Be smart with the football and utilize your running abilities when an open field presents itself. His future coach should show Johnny film of every Russell Wilson game with the Seahawks.

If I had to predict someone sitting around waiting in the draft room ala Aaron Rodgers on draft day, Johnny Manziel would be my Most Likely candidate. His
public persona, his ME attitude and his recklessness on the football field make him the most likely player to fall out of the first round of the draft. Although his upside may be high, his downside is too much to be a Top 10 pick.

Personally, I'm rooting for Johnny. I hope he goes to Dallas, sits behind Romo for a season or two then takes over. Realistically though, I think Cleveland likes him. I think they take him 4th and start him right away. Hopefully if they do, they heed my advice. Johnny needs discipline. He has a great ability that can enhance his skill as a quarterback. Learn to stay in the Pocket & Throw. Escape when necessary. & Avoid Collisions. Go Get Em Johnny Football!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Still Asthmatic

It happens about half the time I go to the gym. I end up in the bathroom stall puking my guts out. I don't know if its because of my breathing or if there's too much carbon dioxide in that gym? My limbs tingle & go numb the way they do when having a heat stroke. I don't know whether to call 911 or just tough it out. I always do the latter. My body does the rest and I'm still here so I figure I've got a high tolerance. I better consult my nurse sister though for future reference to get a clear diagnosis. I do know that my body is in good physical condition and I don't eat before I workout. 

Born an asthmatic, for the first 5 years of my life I frequented numerous emergency rooms. My parents feared I'd stop breathing or my heart would cease due to my severe attacks of wheasing and shortness of breath. My lungs are simply ill-equipped to respirate at full or normal capacity, but I've managed to compete in sports through high school to the present and remain very active in strenuous activities.

I'm grateful for my health. Genetically, I haven't been blessed to say the least, but I make the best with what I've got.

Personal Training is in my blood. I Love helping people achieve a healthier way of life. I am proof that health problems are just an obstacle. Many people have health issues, but they can still get fit. It's not as bad as many people think either. An Exercise Bike, a few weight machines a couple times per week, then you start seeing results & feeling better. Before you know it, your body is improving and everything you do is easier. If you're carrying extra weight, losing it will make you feel reborn. I promise.

Your body was meant to run. It was meant to roam the fields and hunt in the forests, not sit in an office building up your muffin-top. Work with me & I'll get you back to your fighting weight. Or more simply put, I'll get you into healthy shape. And now for a Shameless Selfie only meant to illustrate & reinforce the point:)

Monday, March 17, 2014


Adidas SL II: The Most Comfortable & Stylish shoe ever. You could literally wear them to play a game of basketball, then change into your Sunday best and wear them to church. With all the Classic shoes being brought back & re-released, it wouldn't be prudent if Adidas neglected to do the same with the SL II's. Black, White and Grey never looked so good and felt so perfect. 
These shoes fit like gloves for your feet; supportive & firm in the soles, but still soft & flexible in the surrounding materials, giving your lower extremities an experience to behold. 

Underrated in popularity only because the right person was not promoting them, the Adidas SL II is a timeless shoe. Currently styles and colors are bright & loud. The SL II could adapt like so. Color customization would be easy for the SL II, as it was very simple in its design. Then again you can never go wrong with the black or white models. They are a staple shoe for
any wardrobe & absolutely complement the finest outfit.

Please Adidas. Please Bring Back the SL II's!!!!!! They look good on you.