Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2014 NFL Draft
On the Eve of the NFL Draft, Scouts & Prognosticators have made their projections and predictions. Who's going first, who's going in the first and who will be sitting and waiting and waiting..... and waiting after the first round of draft picks? Player's futures have already been written, their pasts analyzed down to their diets, but the beautiful thing is once they step on the field the manuscripts are torn up and every player gets a chance to write his own rough draft.

Johnny Manziel is the quarterback everyone is looking at. Jadaveon Clowney is the likely first pick. Sammy Watkins is the future Larry Fitzgerald. Khalil Mack is a can't miss. We're all hoping our team gets one of these guys and that our future fantasy teams wreap the benefits.

Manziel is the most interesting pick for me. He's an undersized quarterback with a good arm and +speed. His college career was stellar. Manziel excelled in the SEC, improved from year 1 to 2 and displayed great abilities in big games against the best competition. He didn't play for the best team, but he made Texas A&M relevant & a contender. But Johnny's negatives make him a risky pick for any NFL Team.

Johnny's biggest strength is also his greatest weakness. His tendency to run may hinder his progression as an NFL quarterback. What this means is, Johnny Football's brilliance & creativity as a running quarterback also make him High Risk as a Top Pick in the Draft. Manziel never got seriously injured in college,
but he was often dinged-up and played hurt due to his constant running. If College players can hurt you, NFL players will injur you. Ultimately, when a team invests in a draft pick like a stock, they want someone safe with great potential & high character. But hey, not everyone can be Andrew Luck.

What Johnny Manziel has to overcome is his need to run the football. He is not Russell Wilson. Johnny's frame is more slight & his decision-making is IDGAF"He's reckless, careless and small." Not exactly the kind of football player many teams want to pin their future on. Manziel needs to tailor his game to Wilson's. Be smart with the football and utilize your running abilities when an open field presents itself. His future coach should show Johnny film of every Russell Wilson game with the Seahawks.

If I had to predict someone sitting around waiting in the draft room ala Aaron Rodgers on draft day, Johnny Manziel would be my Most Likely candidate. His
public persona, his ME attitude and his recklessness on the football field make him the most likely player to fall out of the first round of the draft. Although his upside may be high, his downside is too much to be a Top 10 pick.

Personally, I'm rooting for Johnny. I hope he goes to Dallas, sits behind Romo for a season or two then takes over. Realistically though, I think Cleveland likes him. I think they take him 4th and start him right away. Hopefully if they do, they heed my advice. Johnny needs discipline. He has a great ability that can enhance his skill as a quarterback. Learn to stay in the Pocket & Throw. Escape when necessary. & Avoid Collisions. Go Get Em Johnny Football!!!

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