Monday, September 23, 2013


Here's the scenario. You're a 20-year-old guy in college. You come from a wealthy family and you've been raised to be an 'All American Boy.' You enjoy the lifestyle. Major Sporting Events are on your calendar. You regularly attend parties. You can pretty much do whatever you want, whenever you want to. As long as you do your school work and don't get caught breaking the laws too many times, you're golden. This is your life and you are Johnny Manziel.

I left out the part about being the QB for Texas A&M University only because that is what everyone knows Johnny Football for. What a great knickname too.
"Johnny Football." And he earned it. Manziel won the Heisman Trophy his freshman year, passing for over 3000 yds and rushing for over 1000 yds. He led A&M to victory over the eventual National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa, and to a Cotton Bowl Classic victory over Oklahoma, finishing with a 11-2 record and a #5 AP ranking. Not bad for a freshman.

Johnny Manziel is the golden child. He has the World at his feet. He plays football great and football is what Americans love most. And boy does he enjoy the spotlight. And why shouldn't he? This is America. We're all born and raised to believe that one day we can be rich & famous. Johnny Football is just living the dream we all wish we could mirror. Give him the credit he deserves. He's not hurting anyone. He's going to school and playing football. He could be doing many things much worse than being cocky and drinking some alcohol.

Manziel is much more relevant than your 'typical' Heisman-winning college QB. TIME Magazine sure thought so when they put him on the cover of their September 2013 issue. Manziel was recently discovered signing autographs for several Ebay vendors, who claimed they paid him. Normally this type of activity would get you ruled ineligible by the NCAA. However, Manziel coming from a wealthy background was able to Lawyer-Up and got the charge dismissed. Afterall, why would the NCAA go after a player that in the next year or so is going to make them and his school upwards of 500 million dollars? TIME found this same issue relevant and decided to make Johnny Football the poster boy for their issue on Paying College Athletes.

So back to the scenario. You're a 2012 Heisman winner. You're probably going to win it again this year. You're a symbolic and cultural figure already at the age of twenty. You're going to play in the NFL very soon as long as you don't kill someone drinking and driving or rip up your knee. Now who would let a few traits like that go to their head?

Johnny Manziel is the All American Boy. He's doing what every guy wishes he could do. He's the Big Man on campus and the campus is the World, not just A&M. He's relevant for being Arrogant. He's relevant for making money when he's not allowed to. He's relevant for winning. He's relevant for laughing at the rules. He's relevant for playing Football. He's relevant for being a Quarterback. That's why he holds up his hands and rubs his thumbs to his fingers cuz Johnny Manziel is straight cash homey. He knows it. You know it. And everyone knows it. His Critics say he's selfish, too small and a spoiled prima donna. Well until he goes Pro and a Defense proves it, the negative critiques don't matter. Johnny Football is Money in the Vault because the Bank Ain't Big Enough.

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