Monday, March 17, 2014


Adidas SL II: The Most Comfortable & Stylish shoe ever. You could literally wear them to play a game of basketball, then change into your Sunday best and wear them to church. With all the Classic shoes being brought back & re-released, it wouldn't be prudent if Adidas neglected to do the same with the SL II's. Black, White and Grey never looked so good and felt so perfect. 
These shoes fit like gloves for your feet; supportive & firm in the soles, but still soft & flexible in the surrounding materials, giving your lower extremities an experience to behold. 

Underrated in popularity only because the right person was not promoting them, the Adidas SL II is a timeless shoe. Currently styles and colors are bright & loud. The SL II could adapt like so. Color customization would be easy for the SL II, as it was very simple in its design. Then again you can never go wrong with the black or white models. They are a staple shoe for
any wardrobe & absolutely complement the finest outfit.

Please Adidas. Please Bring Back the SL II's!!!!!! They look good on you.

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