Monday, May 6, 2013

I Love you Daughter, I Love you Son

Some people can't even say it.  It's not that they don't feel it for someone, but for some odd reason they can't get it out.  They can't tell it to the person.  They
might give them a gift as a substitute, but the person receiving that gift will never be fulfilled unless they hear the words.

Love is simple.  Sometimes we just complicate the execution of it.  There's nothing wrong with giving a gift.  It's one of the World's most common customs.  Every Culture on Earth gives gifts to the ones they love.  But regardless of Culture, not everyone follows that exchange with an "I love you."

I look at Love from different levels or kinds.  There's a level of Love that a couple who's been together for 50 years have.  There's a level of Love a Mother has for her Son & Daughter.  There's a level of Love for best friends.  And there's a level of Love you can have for someone you just met.

There's also a level of Love you can have for the World and everyone and everything in it.  That is Love at the highest conscience.  Understanding Love on that level is a concept I may not be able to articulate, but I'll try.  Oh wait I got it.  The teachings of Jesus Christ (the bible) describe this Love.  It's unconditional Love.  You don't need it from someone else to give it.  You give it for no reason and for every reason.  You give it and you feel it because existing is hard.  When you're born, you don't laugh and do jumping-jacks.  You scream your head off because it sucks.  It's cold, there's people poking and prodding you.  There's all kinds of lights, sights, sounds, voices, laughing, crying and people touching you and saying things you can't understand.  But there's so much Love there.  All the suffering, all the pain is immediately gone once you're placed in that warm blanket into your mother's arms.  That's Love.

Almost every parent feels this Love when their child born.  I say 'almost' because not every parent is able to Love immediately.  Sometimes it takes time, a day, a look, a smile, a hold of a finger, a cry or a quiet moment alone with each other.  It just happens.  But it doesn't just happen.  And that's the point.  Love is a circle.  It gets passed from person to person.  We don't all get the amount we want, but at one time or another we've all felt it.  And we still want more.

The Good Samaritan is maybe the perfect example of a Love at the highest level.  The Samaritan acts without judgment or want.  They help someone because they know it's good.  The Samaritan is passing along the Love they've been given, and that they wish to give.

This post is dedicated to my Mom, Dad, Sister, Nephew's, Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunt's, Uncle's, Cousin's, Friends and everyone in the World with a Heart-Beat.  And Baseball too:)

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