Sunday, May 26, 2013

10 Tips & Techniques for Young Baseball Players

For the Absolute Best Results, Master 1 Step at a time.  Baseball is all about learning to get better as you play the game.  Take your time and you’ll get better as you play.  Learn the 10 Tips & Techniques and you will be a better baseball player + you will win more games.  Oh and don’t forget to always HUSTLE!!!

1 – Whether you need to get an Out or a Hit, always focus on 1 thing at a time.  Communicate with your Teammates.  Listen to your Coaches & if you don’t know the situation, ASK SOMEONE.  Ask a Coach or a Teammate how many Outs there are.  Ask what base to make the play.  And if you already know, SHOUT it out loud so everyone knows what to do.

2 – Relax & Breathe.  Studies show Hitters young & old forget to breathe when standing at home plate awaiting the pitch.  If you forget to breathe, you won’t see the ball as well + your body won’t react as fast.  Before each pitch, breathe in through your nose.  Oxygen is Power!!!

3 – Be Confident.  Visualize + Imagine yourself getting a hit.  Always try to stay positive & have fun.  Remember this is Baseball, not SchoolJ

4 – Now that your mind is right, let’s get your body insync or Synchronized.  That means working together.  I’m sure you’ve all been told by a coach or parent to “keep your eyes on the ball.”  You can’t hit what you can’t see.  The best way to keep your eyes on the ball is to keep your head still when you swing.  Just try swinging a bat without moving your head.  See how it feels. *The number 1 problem most hitters have is keeping their head & eyes on the baseball*

5 – Head & Hands.  The next crucial tip is meant to simplify what you need to do to make contact with the ball.  Hitting is all about controlling your head & your hands.  Keep your head still, eyes on the ball, then throw your hands at the ball.  Learning to Hit is a process that takes time.  Once you learn the necessary portions of the swing technique, you can begin to experiment to find what works for YOU.
6 – Next is what to do with your feet.  Your feet + your legs keep you balanced.  Just like with your head, if there is too much leg movement you are more likely to swing & miss.  A small stride or no stride makes for an easy swing.  Your hands will go back, your front foot steps forward at the pitcher, then your hands come forward swinging the bat.

7 – Playing Great Defense starts with your feet + your eyes.  When you’re on the field remember to stay ready + loose.  After a pitch is thrown, bounce around a little.  Take a few hops.  Keep your blood flowing & when the ball is hit your way, GO GET IT.

8 – Whether you play Infield or Outfield, always keep the baseball in front of you.  Use your body as well as your glove.  Youngsters have to learn to not be afraid of the baseball.  If the ball hits you, shake it off and say, “Thank you, may I have another.”  The idea is to think of the baseball as your friend.  Whenever you catch it, hit it, field it, toss it or pitch it, YOU are a part of the greatest game in the World.

9 – Throwing a baseball Accurately takes practice just like everything else.  The easiest way is to step straight towards your target & throw the ball.  Just like when batting, Relax, Stay Balanced, Step & Throw.

10 – Ground Balls + Fly Balls can be tough for anyone.  We want to make them simple by breaking down the Best Technique for fielding them.  You should field ground balls by getting your glove on the ground and in position to make the play.  Once again don’t be afraid.  Get in front of the ball.  For Fly balls the technique is simple; when the ball is hit, your first step should always be BACK.  It’s easy to run in for the ball, but GOING BACK takes practice.  Step back, judge where the ball is going, then run to that spot & make the CATCH!

When You’ve Mastered this list, YOU will be a better ball player & a great teammate.  Teammates should always try to help and encourage each other.  Some kids are better at baseball than other kids, but every kid can be a great teammate.  Cheer for your teammates & tell them when they do a good job.

Bonus Tip: When HITTING, relax & wait for the baseball.  Don’t be jumpy or nervous at the plate.  Be Aggressive.  The Pitcher wants to throw you a good pitch.  When you get it, HIT IT!!!

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