Friday, April 5, 2013

Mike Rice continued...

Seriously, what time period is this guy living in?  Can you say out of touch?  The scariest part is some of his players are actually coming forward to defend him.  They're saying things like, "Oh the video is taken out of context."  And, "Coach Rice was just motivating us in his own way."  Basically the players are saying this is how we function as a team and it's perfectly normal to us.  Mike Rice has his team conditioned.  They are at the point after 3 years of this abuse that it's completely acceptable and expected behaviour.  We've all heard victims of abuse defend their perpetrators.  The prolonged abuse makes the victim begin to believe they deserve the mistreatment or that it is for their own good.

What these college kids don't know is it's not acceptable.  It's not OK.  You don't physically abuse people.  You don't verbally abuse people.  Coaches motivate players every day without physically and verbally assaulting them.  Rutgers basketball players are at the point where the coaching and teaching methods they've endured over the last 3 years have become learned.  The Adult figure has made it Ok.  A person of High Authority has made it acceptable.  The Administration for 3 years deemed it perfectly reasonable Coaching conduct!!!

Now the next time a Rutgers basketball player gets insulted or offended by a personal attack, they will react accordingly.  They've been encouraged to react with physicality.  They've been taught to fight back, not with words or tact, but with violence!  Mike Rice and the Rutgers Administration have taught their basketball players that physical and verbal abuse are acceptable forms of communication and action.

I hope the Rutgers basketball players all receive counseling because so far they think their coach got caught, but that he was not doing something completely wrong and inhumane.  They need to be educated so they don't repeat this behaviour in the workplace or at home.  Mike Rice was dooming the future relationships of his players in ways he doesn't even understand.  Where did they dig up this piece of garbage?  He shouldn't be allowed near any child as a coach or employed in any position of authority, EVER.

Someone please fire these people and hire a staff of educated folks....

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