Monday, June 24, 2013

Thank You Jesus!!!!

I've never been especially fond of Ray Allen.  I don't hate him, but I've always looked at his basketball game as highly overrated.  Hands down he's one of the
greatest shooters ever, but the rest of his game is quite pedestrian to be frank.  He's got no handle, isn't a good passer, and can't impact the game positively
unless his shot is falling.  However, since Allen found a niche as a role player for Doc Rivers' Celtics, he's become a great team player with a skill that never erodes with time; that pretty jump-shot.

Lebron's quote after winning Championship #2 was cool, "You need a little bit of luck to win an NBA Championship, and that's exactly what we had... and we got Jesus on our side," consciously referring to Ray Allen's character Jesus Shuttlesworth from the 1998 film HE GOT GAME (& subconsciously referring to Jesus Christ himself because Game 6 took a miracle).  Ray Allen came to the Miami Heat to do precisely what he did in game 6; make shots in the clutch.  Not the player he once was when he averaged over 20 points per game with Milwaukee & Seattle, Ray prolonged his career by focusing on his shot and playing good team defense.  A career 40% shooter from beyond the arc, Allen has accumulated 23,804pts and 2 NBA Championship Rings in the League.

I give Allen much respect for going against the popular route of staying with the team and city that loved him most, Boston, and not settling for a quiet, happy ending.  He chose to go where the spotlight is brightest in Miami, where he would be scrutinized most and helped deliver another Title.  Ray Allen is 1st class and definitely has the prettiest jumper in League History.  His stroke is so pure and fundamentally sound, it should be captured in a painting and displayed in the Louvre.

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