Thursday, July 18, 2013

Zimmerman Verdict

I was shocked by the verdict. But the legal experts made the explanation quite simple, yet still troubling to me. "This was a self-defense case from the  very beginning," is the majority consensus among legal pundits.

Clearly there wasn't an ounce of critical thinking, morality, ethics or BALLS among the 6 female jurors. Reports have come out that 2 of the 6 wanted manslaughter and 1 of them wanted 2nd Degree Murder. The CNN interview with juror B37 proved most enlightening as to the thinking and decision making process of the jury. She described how she was 1 of the 3 whom had
made up their minds that Zimmerman was not guilty. The insight she gave to Anderson Cooper was flawed and biased. B37 contends, "George had no choice," and "Trayvon could have run away." She intimated to Cooper that she identified with Zimmerman and according to the law she had no choice but to find him not guilty.

My initial reaction to the verdict was shock. Then I thought back to the presidential election of 2000. Floridians tend to be either stupid or corrupt. Either way, the majority of them don't really contribute to the human race. To the point, the 6 jurors chose to follow the letter of the law, rather than exercise a miniscule bit of human judgment or common sense to the crime that was committed.

It's common knowledge The Law is written in such a way that innocence is always presumed and guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The Language used in Law Books and Statutes is so extensive and verbose it literally requires an extra 4 years of graduate study to master. To the layman and to the jurors, the law is the law. They didn't use any logic or analysis. They didn't read between the lines of the Law, or balance their interpretation of the Law with real world experience. No critical thinking or empathy toward the victim, only the law the law the law verbatim. They took the easy way out. The 3 jurors who believed Zimmerman was guilty of something had the right instincts, but didn't have the gravitas or moxie to illustrate their point to the other 3.

I wouldn't have left that court without Zimmerman being charged with something, but the 3 jurors whom believed pre-verdict Zimmerman was guilty were much too gullible. They compromised. Ethics. Morals. Values. Common Sense. Justice. Human Decency. Ultimately, none of these things we hold most dearly meant anything to those 6 individuals I hesitate to call people.
I wasn't there. I didn't experience what they did. But I know George Zimmerman killed a boy that was not a criminal. He killed a boy who was walking home. He followed a boy with a hooded sweatshirt whom he believed was a criminal. Zimmerman profiled Trayvon as a police officer would, but Zimmerman had no authority or right to do so. George put Trayvon and himself in a vulnerable state and he pulled the trigger. He didn't say OK stop. Ok I'll leave you alone. Wait, please wait I don't want to hurt you. He didn't communicate. He shot. Zimmerman's paranoia & recklessness cost a boy his life. You don't need a Law book to see the guilt in that.

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