Sunday, August 4, 2013


Saturday Morning Cartoons were never the same when the ThunderCats debuted in 1985. G.I. Joe had the kids transfixed with their Guns N Ammo, but
THE THUNDERCATS brought the action to a mystical world of forestry & mutant-like characters with all the action of a James Cameron film, like Aliens.  This ain't no cat & mouse runaround, flip-book animation, Pikachu-suckin baby cartoon.  This is a mix of Japanese Anime, Good vs Evil, humor vs horror plotline with a group of World-Saving Cats that'll captain-planet your ass with Tanks, Swords & Nunchucks.  And a Theme Song laced with enough Adrenalin to make you wanna to drop kick every piece of furniture in your house (if the intro doesn't make your nipples hard, check your pulse)..... 

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