Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dez Bryant Blow-Up Warranted & Completely Just?

At first glance Dez Bryant losing his temper on the sideline in Detroit is just another case of a prima donna wide receiver crying because he isn't getting the ball enough. Not to mention the fact that Dez talked smack before the game saying he was just as good as Calvin Johnson, which is not true. Fact was, Bryant got exactly what he had coming to him and that was a reality check. Dez Bryant is very similar to Randy Moss in that their talents & sound bytes speak louder than their actual play on the field. Now we all know when Randy Moss came into the League, he tore it up like no one ever had. For those first 6 years of Moss' career, he was on pace to re-write the records. But then he got hurt and then he got traded. The second Randy Moss had to endure some adversity he shrunk and crumbled into a pistachio shell of his old self. And not because his talent waned, but because his desire was gone.

But enough about Randy. Dez Bryant is 3 and-a-half seasons into a very promising pro career. He has yet to live up to the hype, but with one season of 1380 yards and 92 catches, he has shown superior ability. Now he just has to sustain it.

The Detroit Lions won the game in the final seconds of the contest against Dallas. The Cowboys led most of the game, but once again as they seem to always do, they found a way to lose in the end.

And of course, all everyone could talk about after the game was Dez Byrant's sideline antics. He was bitching and complaining throughout the game even though his team was winning. He caught 3 passes, two of them for TDs, his team was winning but that was still not good enough for Dezzie. While MEGATRON was setting new records for the Modern NFL Era, Dez was once again playing back seat to his other receiver teammates. So he blew up. Not because he's a team-player. Not because he's passionate. Not because he's doing it for the betterment of the team. Dez Bryant blew up because he got UP-staged. Calvin Johnson proved not only that he's better than Bryant, but that Bryant isn't even close to MEGATRON's Level. That is why Dez Bryant got mad. That is why he lost his head and threw a temper-tantrum like a 7 year old.

There is a silver lining however. Dez Bryant was right about one thing. When he called for the ball before the snap on that one play, he knew he was being single covered on the outside. Tony Romo saw Dez call for the ball, but instead of throwing into single coverage, Romo decided to throw on the other side of the field into Triple Coverage. Brilliant!!! Dez Bryant gets a complete pass (pun intended) on that one. Romo definitely should have thrown him the ball on that play, so Dez had every right to get pissed off at Romo for that play. Everyone knows Tony Romo's favorite target is his BFF Jason Witten. Romo always looks to get Witten the ball. All his receivers are well aware of this fact so maybe it was about time one of them made it apparent they are not happy about it.

Another positive from Dez' outburst is the light being shone upon The Cowboys lack of success & lack of leadership (this one is pointed directly at you Jason Garrett). Dallas has continued to underachieve since Romo bobbled the snap against Seattle in 2007. They reached the playoffs in 2009 and got their lone victory under Tony Romo's quarterbacking against the Eagles, but that was the only time 'The Boys' have gotten close to reaching some semblance of a successful season. Ever since, mediocrity has been the word. Bottom Line: It's time to fire Jason Garrett. He's a coordinator, not a head coach.

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