Friday, February 28, 2014

The 28th of February

The Last Day of February is a special day every year. It signifies & symbolizes the closing of Winter. We know March 21st is the real end of Winter, but the 28th of February has meaning beyond Days and Seasons. The Sun becomes brighter for us in the North-Western Hemisphere. The Snow melts into the soil for another green Spring ahead. And for sporting groups and individuals, Spring Training Baseball begins.

February 28th gives birth to the month of March in a myriad of inspirational ways that can be seen in the outdoor landscapes & reflections of those peering into that very gaze. It's something you Warm Climate people just can't understand, with your year-round 70 degree temperatures. You don't know what its like shoveling a thousand pounds of snow from your sidewalk & garage or off your roof. For us, this time of year is opportunity again to go find and seek new paths, where weather has no effect or constraint on our lives.

A metaphor creates a fire. When I wake up it's dark & cold in this cave, but a couple minutes pass and a light stirs-up a warmth. I'm ready to go wherever my path leads. Nothing stands between me and everything I've ever dreamed. It's this time of year that inspires me to be free. The Winter has once again hardened me and strengthened my resolve. The only thing left to do, is act.

The Turning of Seasons from cold to warm has always reminded us that change is constant & revolutional. We need only look at our kids and our mirrors to notice it. Another Season of Outdoor Pleasure is nearing and I can't wait to be the ball again and again. What changes will occur this year? There are things in store we do not yet know about. Do the Phillies have a World Series run left in them? Can Jimmy Rollins hit above .270 with a .330 On Base%? When things appear to be getting too serious I like to ask Sports Questions. Not that I don't take them seriously, but unless I'm at the game or defending my Phils I feel a little ridiculous being high & mighty during Spring Training. Yet Optimism Abounds when the Sun shows.

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