Wednesday, November 6, 2013

He Ain't INCOGNITO Anymore

This story is a journalist's wet dream. You've got a racial element. It's the NFL. There's bullying involved. And when you put it all together, a locker room conflict between two football players may end up changing every present and future locker room atmosphere.

Football is a game of Alpha males. The biggest guys, the fastest guys, the strongest guys play football. From ages as young as five, little kids across America learn to strap on their pads, run out on green fields and just flat out hit each other.

People called baseball America's past-time for almost 100 years, but not anymore. We've realized what the game of football is and what it means to our culture. We are a country from a World perspective that has been deemed 'Bullies'. We use our Military Power and Diplomatic Strategy to manipulate every other country and people in the world. In Football, the same power and strategy is utilized on a ground level; Man to Man, Hand to Hand, Team vs Team. It's a game of violence and aggression with Coaches and Leaders acting like Generals and Commanders. It's WAR!!! How could Football not be America's Past Time?

It took a while for our people to figure it out but we got there eventually. And that's one of the great things about our culture and our people here in America. We make mistakes, but we rectify them.

The Incognito vs Martin locker room incident is laughable on one level, then shameful on a few others. It's laughable in that a 300lb man would quit his professional team, run back to his parent's house and basically act the way an elementary school child should. It's shameful in that two grown men couldn't handle their business face to face. Shameful in that this conflict will probably result in lawsuits that will force the NFL to enact legislation to, in essence, weaken the tough-guy mentality and promote a game & culture of Mothers & Sons.

The mirror is once again held up to our faces. A stupid game of balls and men has shown us that conflict resolution does not need a judge or jury. When someone wrongs you or disrespects you, stand up to them. Push Back. Give them exactly what they gave you. It doesn't mean you have to be reckless or violent. It means you need to communicate with people to resolve issues. And sometimes a fist is a great tool to get your point across.

And maybe a little more diplomacy is what America needs. The George W Bush way of "Bring it On," has succumed to the Obama way of Diplomatic Communication or "Let's talk. Then we'll fuck you up."

I'm sure Richie Incognito is not the monster he's being portrayed to be. And I'm pretty sure Jonathan Martin is not as much of a sissy as it appears. These guys need to get in a room together, shake hands and get back to playing football. Forget all this bullshit 'News' nonsense. Problem Solved.

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