Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I think it's safe to say Football has surpassed Baseball as America's Favorite Pastime. The 20th century was the golden age of Baseball, but the 21st is fast, furious, in-your-face & all Football. Baseball is now a game of history, romance and little kids, where Football is gladiatorial, manly and must-see tv.

So what does this mean for a Baseball Lover like me? Absolutely Nothing!!! America's Original Pastime is still my Fav too.

I still love the game as I did as a child. The Mystique is still there. I still pick up a bat and feel like I could play for the Phils. Just a silly childhood dream my soul refuses to give up. I know I can't play Baseball at the highest level. But Baseball is a game of Guts & Will, and I'd compete with anyone on those alone.

Our Culture has adapted from newspapers and coke bottles to ipads and energy drinks. People want their game to resemble a battle rather than a ballet. Not to say Baseball is a game of dancers and tutus because it's nowhere close to that. But Baseball is a game which requires patience. In Baseball the excitement will happen, but you have to wait for it. Not have it spoon-fed to you on every play.

Winning the casual fan has become a tall task for Major League Baseball. The Internet & Social Media blend perfect with the NFL's instantly-gratifying fantasy football-esque style of Red Zone action and Twitter reaction. Baseball could borrow a similar approach by instituting a "Power-Hitter", "9th-Inning", or "Bases Loaded" channel which would cut to a game when the best hitters are up, the 9th inning begins or the bases are jacked. Or better yet all three.

We need to get Baseball back a little closer to the cutting-edge. To me the game is perfect the way it is, but I’m in the minority.  All the Instant-Replays in the world won’t attract any more people to Baseball. And all the Dugout Interviews during the game add nothing to the excitement factor.  We need more interaction, but it needs to be cool. How bout putting a camera inside the batter’s helmet?  We can watch them batting and running the bases when something cool happens!  And definitely a Catcher’s Cam, because after all, the catcher sees everything on the field and so should we.

If you want to grow the game and not be left on the sandlots you have to intrigue the youth. Don't reinvent the game. Just tweak it a bit.

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