Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The 1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card is a piece of art regardless the history of the man and the memorabilia itself.  Red, white and blue encase Jordan in a shot depicting his Airness rising above any and all disciples.  If his legs were spread wide, the picture would mirror the Nike logo and famous shot of Michael flying through the 'Air' to slam dunk.  The greatest basketball player to ever live is captured in this image, beautifully showcasing the man, the sport, the spectacle and the artform.

Considered the gem of Basketball Memorabilia, this picture can be found only in the finest collections.  With a value ranging from 500 to $200,000 in Pristine Condition, the card is not so rare as being impossible to find, but is truly a collector's treasure, widely sought and selectively procured.

This one was found in a shop along the Jersey Boardwalk, purchased for a pretty penny and a high mark-up as one might expect walking into a tourist attraction.  That shop no longer exists now that mother nature has marked her turf, but as the thinking goes the memory of that trip, that day, the ocean, the smell, the shop, the boardwalk, the hurricane, the cash and this card will forever be a story of my time and experience linked with this piece.

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