Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Alright, so I began with Vintage Jordan & Old School Schmidt.  Now it's time to get present.  The Man of the moment; Mr. RG3.  The HOTTEST name in the Hobby and the best up-and-coming star in sports today.  The Colts made it a point to "Suck for Luck" and they got rid of Peyton Manning, but the Redskins mortgaged the future (three 1st rounders and one 2nd rounder) to get the 2nd pick in the 2012 Draft so they could select Robert Griffin III from Baylor University. 

You wanna talk about risk?  Heisman winners have been drafted 1st and 2nd many times before and amounted to nothing.  NFL Combine stars have had superior workouts, then did squat on the field.  And quarterbacks are the most difficult/riskiest players to draft.  They are never a sure thing aside from Elway, Manning and Luck and even those guys had a few detractors that said they might not pan out.  Fact is, you can't predict how a quarterback is going to play when he reaches the NFL.  You can't assess how he will react to the speed of the game.  You don't know what he'll do when the pocket collapses and three 330lb DE's gang-tackle him.  Some QB's can deal with it and make the adjustment, but simply put, most can't.

RG3 appears to be the future barring injury(he's already had a concussion and missed a game from a bad leg hit).  If you thought Mike Vick was a freak of nature, the species just evolved another two or three millenia in 10 years time with Bobby.  Griffin's got it all.  He's no dumb jock and he reads defenses in slow motion.  That means where you and I see 11 defenders running so fast our mind's panic and our body's follow, RG3 is like 'Neo' where all he sees is zero's and one's in green coding.

I think he may be from the future, genetically altered and came back in time just to have a little fun while saving the world.  If you need a translator how bout this: Robert Griffin III will be better than everyone else.  And just like Neo can be killed in the Matrix, Robert must learn that discipline doesn't mean relenting.  Once again translating: though you can dodge bullets, you can still bleed and still break.  Take a little advice from Bruce Lee and practice, 'the art of hitting without being hit.'

This card has no romantic story or special meaning, but it sure does photograph nicely.  Like a supermodel, there are no bad angles or throw-away shots.  This thing grabs the light and transforms it through the entire color spectrum.  It's 1 of 10 in existence and the autograph is written on the card, not on a fucking sticker.  The Market for Mr. Griffin is white-hot and still has upside.  He's been proven almost human but with super-rubbery legs.  Hopefully he's Microsoft, not Enron:)

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