Monday, December 24, 2012

Good Decision

I am Lebron James.  I am Lebron James.  I am Lebron James.  Damn it didn't work.  Nike should do it again with Lebron like they did with Tiger.  It was a great commercial but did anyone actually buy Tiger shoes?  Lebron's got the cache to sell anything, just like Tiger once did and Jordan before him.  Who wouldn't want to be Lebron James?  Living in Miami, playing hoops with D-Wade and Chris Bosh.  No wonder people hate on this guy so much and for what?  Cuz he left Cleveland, for the Decision?  For seven years he carried the franchise and made that city a billion dollars.  Lebron did everything he could to bring a championship to Cleveland.  So the guy has a little Hollywood in em, so what.  And remember he took a major pay-cut to go down south.  17 million a year would be 25 or 30 if still in Cleveland.  But again, championships evade small markets for the most part.

Collecting memorabilia is like buying stock if you're in it for the $.  I'm not 12 years old anymore and selling an item can be just as fun as buying.  It's a sport.  Just like putting the ball in the basket, seeking a good deal whether buying or selling is an artform.  Lebron was seeking a better deal for himself.  He learned a few things in Cleveland as a young guy.  He learned money didn't buy happiness.  Now it sure does bring comfort but happiness... no.  The Title evaded him so he went from the best player in the game to the guy who can't deliver in the clutch.  The story changed & the love waned so it became time to move on.

I thought Lebron was going to the Nets.  Russian, Billionaire Owner, Brooklyn NY, Jay-Z and the world at his feet.  It was the story I would've written.  But hey South Beach is probably the next best thing.  I saw Lebron play last year in Philadelphia against the Sixers.  He didn't do anything amazing in the game, but he scored the easiest 29 points you could imagine.  James being bigger, stronger, faster and better than everyone else on the floor is obvious.  It's how easy he makes it look and the power with which he plays that draws our awe.  Literally the guy does everything on the basketball court better than everyone else with the exception of distance shooting and he can do that pretty well too.

A Finest Rare Redemption Refractor sent out by the Topps Company to lucky ones who found the promo redeemer amongst the thousands of regulars.  Now that King James has claimed the Title and fortified his Crown, it's value continues to rise.  James predicted Championships and nearly delivered 2 in 2 seasons.  1 down and plenty more to go, Lebron will compile statistics and shatter records in the years to come.  The Greatest Rotisserie Player who's ever lived & the Best All-Around Game... and he ain't done yet

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