Sunday, February 24, 2013

Get Your Ass Outside!!!

What a luxury to take a week off from being me.  To go live someone else's life in another place.  Being a slasher has become my career.  Not the violent, murderer kind but the kind who bounces from job to job.  If you're a college or high school student and you need help writing a paper, I'm your man.  If you just lost someone from your workforce and you need a quick replacement, give me a call.  If you're going out of business and you need a pair of strong shoulders to haul some major inventory or make a few last sales, I'm your man.  I grew up in the 80s and 90s so I can help you develop pictures in a dark room or upgrade you to a digital studio & post them online to any site you like.  You need something sold, cleaned, fixed, faxed, trashed, removed, refurbished, replenished or serviced; I'm the guy you need to hire.

Jack of all, master of none?  No, more like an AC Adapter or Extension Cord.  I can't rebuild your engine, but I can get it running.  I can't fix your furnace, but I can start a mean fire.  Improvisation and creativity are my forte.  Not just the bullshitting kind, although I can hold my own, but more the problem solver, solution oriented guy.

Someday if I have a son or daughter I will pass on my knowledge.  I want to relate to my kids, not just order them around.  I want to teach them something, not just let them watch tv & play video games.  Parents need to get their kids away from all the electronics every once in a while.  Take them camping or into the desert.  Whitewater rafting in the mountains and building fires along the way would be a perfect getaway.  Teaching them outdoor survival and safety all while bonding and developing a stronger relationship; now that is the ultimate family trip.  Leave all the cells, xbox's, tv's and computers back in the world.  Nature is where it's at.  Get young people to understand that we don't come from processors and microchips, but from the ground and the water.

Football is the most strategic game played on a field.  There are as many plays in the book, as there are moves on a chessboard.  Eleven on Eleven.  Offense vs Defense.  The Ground, the Ball and the Man.  "Always keep your head on a swivel," is definitely my favorite Football-ism.  It doesn't get much more survivalistic & cautionary than that.  Great Football is like the Martial Arts; controlled agression.  You can't be all-out all the time.  You can't try to take a guy's head off on 3rd and 2.  You make the tackle and get your Offense back on the field.  The Quarterback must always be the smartest man on the field.  He can't be reckless.  Turnovers lose football games.  If Vince Lombardi were still alive today, I think he'd be proud to see the progression of football, but disgusted with the rule changes to protect QBs & promote Offense.  I just wrote that because I needed to include Lombardi in a piece about teaching & discipline.  "God, Family and the Green Bay Packers," as he once said.

Kids don't need to play football if they don't want to.  It's a game and a violent one.  But kids do need to be taught and they do need discipline.  And they want to be taught, and they want to be disciplined.  So in this case give them what they want.  The Worst Parents are the ones who ignore their children and don't teach them anything.  The Internet and TV should not be raising our Kids.  And don't let their Teacher's or Principal's be the Main Authority figures in their lives.  That's what YOU need to be.  And a little Tecmo Super Bowl never hurt anyone, especially Joe Montana:)

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