Wednesday, February 13, 2013

31-Year-Old GUM

I just bought 10-packs of 1982 Topps Football Cards off Ebay.  My previous Jack Tatum post inspired me to find more HARD-Hitter rookie cards.  The '82 set has Lawrence Taylor and Ronnie
Lott.  The first pack I opened; BOOOOM! LT Rookie.  Only about an 8-grade so nothing major but real cool for a first-pack-pull.  15-Card decks with gum on the bottom, staining that last pic in every pack.  I held the cards up to my nose.  Cards crispy from an opened pack have that smell.  Like new shoes straight out of the box these cards are gum-powdered fresh.  And these cards are from 1982!  Gum and all.  Oh Yes the gum.  31 years old, petrified.  Can I get my 31-year-old gum PSA Graded?  I even ate a piece just to see what is was like.  You don't chew 31 year old gum, you grind it up into little pieces like a sweet tart or breath mint.  The gum is still powdered and still smells good.  The taste however is sweet & stale.  I thought about microwaving it to bring it back to life so to speak, but I didn't cuz eating one piece of 31 year old gum was enough for me.  I didn't get any Ronnie Lott's, which sucks but I did enjoy learning about the gum and being reminded of that fresh card smell again.  If you can't appreciate 31-year-old gum then you're not a Card-Head.  If you don't like opening packs of cards you're not a Card-Head.  If you'd rather pay $300 for a hobby box so you can search for a rookie card worth $500, then not only are you a Card-Head but you're a dumb-ass too.  Just pay the extra 200 for the single and get on with it.  I mean I know it's fun to open packs but don't be stupid.  Then again, it is much more gratifying to rip open a pack & peel off a rookie card or rare insert then going on Ebay.  Nevertheless, 31 year old gum is definitely GEM Mint in my book.

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