Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy 50th MJ

The lights go out and the beat begins.  The Alan Parsons Project starts playing Sirius.  Your blood rushes, you feel the adrenaline and your skin tingles with the excitement of the sound.  "And Now Your Chicago Bulls!!!!!  6 foot 6 Guard from North Carolina, Michaelllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Jor-dan!!!!!!!!!!"

An introduction that couldn't be crafted any better if it were mixed by Mozart, directed by Spielberg and narrated by Duke Tango.  And the ultimate climax is reached with the enunciation of the greatest basketball player to ever lived's name.

The Synergy created by this spectacle of sight & sound combined with the game only a God could possess, made watching Jordan play basketball seem like a religious experience.  Maybe that's exactly what it was too.  Mike did everything on the floor with precision & fluidity.  In his younger years he was so explosive he went to the basket at will.  As he got older his jump shot got better and better.  He put everything together with an all-around game that made his teams unbeatable.  Jordan's combination of athleticism, game, unrivaled-will, leadership and clutch gene make him the undisputed GREATEST EVER.  All Sports fans wish they could see MJ play just one more time (& in High-DEF). 

His numbers are unmatched by anyone.  His career paths unparalleled.  Averaged 30 points per game career, 6 rebounds, 5 assists & wins wins wins.  MVPs: 5 regular season, which could've been more cuz who else in the NBA was more valuable than Jordan?  6 MVPs in NBA Finals for 6 Rings, never lost a championship series.  14 All Star Selections, 9-Time NBA All-Defensive Team.  Michael Jordan didn't even play baskeball every year.  He took two sabbaticals, a 1-1/2 year and a 4 year!!!!  Who does that?  That's 5 years away from the NBA and he still scored 32,292 points.  Obviously Abdul-Jabbar only has the Scoring Record because Jordan allowed it to stand.  And ask anyone who ever watched him play.  Ask anyone who knows basketball.  Ask anyone over the age of 25.  If they know of what they speak, Michael Jordan is numero uno.  He played Baseball too:)

So he's got the records, the numbers, the titles and the testimonials.  He's got great Shoes & he's been an NBA Executive for the Wizards and currently for the Bobcats.  I owned a pair of Jordan VII's back in 4th grade.  My Dad was and still is a Union Rep so I would never be a regular Jordan purchaser for my own good.  The Jordan Brand is more than the swoosh and stitching.  Kids & Adults wished & dreamt to 'be like Mike.'  They wear the clothes and the shoes not just for the fresh style but for the expression.  Michael Jordan signifies Greatness, Dominance, Elegance, Skill, Attitude, Class and Game and on and on.  Jordan has done it all and we want to do some of it too.  We all want to be great.  Maybe life proves dreams foolish for most, but not for everyone.  So lace em up tight, loose or however you like.  Just remember, It was never the Shoes.

I think I have over 50 Jordan cards in my collection but recently I found one that begs to be shown off.  His rookie stands alone as the best capture, but this one comes close.  Jumping high in the air, perfect form, perfect arc, perfect rotation; Michael Jordan's game is absolutely PERFECT.  This shot showcases his classic, picturesque form with the mouth open and the ball in his hands, inevitably ending with a tickle of the twine.  MJ will always be a Bull in our hearts and his Wizard-ry on the court will last forever.  Topps Finest really is the class of the hobby.  The best shots, best artwork, best presentation, best colors, best card stock, best cards period.  Another for The Cathedral Gallery.  Happy Birthday Michael Jordan

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