Friday, January 25, 2013


Getting your photo taken is a simple action with a noble cause.  You or someone who cares about you is documenting a moment in time with you being the main subject material.  Sports photographs and cards are the same idea but they also serve a commericial purpose.  Teams and their organizations buy and sell product advertising.  The players and the pictures serve as marketing tools for the teams to sell tickets and promote their brand.  And parents have been photographing their kids in their little league uniforms since the early 1900s when Kodak introduced the first mass produced cameras.

Some people love having their photograph taken; artists, models, hams, ego-maniacs, nostalgaholics.  Many people however do not appreciate the "cheeeeeeeeeeese" idea.  They worry about how they look, their hair, their make-up, teeth, skin, their clothes etc.  I broach this subject because of my appreciation of photography.  I love taking photos and enjoy being photographed with loved ones.  I also love the idea of capturing a great shot, a funny scene or an everlasting image that will touch generations of people.

I found a few sweet pictures that qualify as less than flattering.  You ever have your picture taken after waking up first thing in the morning?  Or put on a pair of shorts you wore when you were a kid?  How bout trying on some ladies lingerie?  Well enough about my personal life.  These classic pics are prime examples of what can go wrong in front of the camera.  One of the most feared defenders in NFL history & a NY Jet-fan-favorite in all their glory;p  Jack Tatum was probably the most feared hitter on a football field next to Ronnie Lott.  And Al Toon is one of the first, but most forgotten NFL players to retire early due to concussions( he retired after 8 seasons at the age of 29 after suffering 9 concussions).

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