Thursday, January 31, 2013


Randy Moss & Albert Haynesworth are two NFL players synonymous with a couple things.  Both of them were once supremely talented.  Moss was considered the best wide receiver in football.  Haynesworth was also regarded as the best defensive tackle in the game.  Moss earned himself an 8 year $75 million contract in 2001, while Haynesworth got 7 years $100 million in 2009.  Subsequently, both players became disinterested in the game that paid them so handsomely. 

Randy Moss was on pace to possibly becoming the greatest receiver ever.  Through 7 seasons he'd amassed nearly 8,000 yards receiving and caught 90 TDs.  Moss always had a reputation as a guy who'd act the fool, but he backed up his shenanigans with amazing play.  In 2004 Moss suffered some nagging hamstring injuries that hampered his production.  He also had an incident in Green Bay where he mimicked mooning the crowd after scoring a TD.  Minnesota apparently had enough of Moss so they traded him to Oakland the following season for the 7th pick in the Draft and a LB.

In 2008, Albert Haynesworth was coming into his own as the best defender in the league.  He'd earned the hundred million dollar contract from the Redskins and was looking to solidify their defense to make them NFC East contenders for years to come. 

Right after Haynesworth got paid his big contract and Moss got shipped to Oakland, both players found an alternate style of play.  Randy discovered his inner bitch and became a part-time player.  Albert took a very similar approach and just stopped trying altogether because he didn't like the system the Redskins ran.  Moss even bragged publicly that he didn't care about playing hard.  Some plays he would give %100, and then some plays he'd sandbag, Moss stated.  Haynesworth wasn't as brash in his public commentary, but his play on the field was so blatantly lax the Redskins just benched him.  Fathom that.  You're making over 14 million a year and your team decides they're better off with you on the bench.

After Randy played two seasons in Oakland completely half-ass, they traded him to New England where he and Tom Brady re-wrote the record books for a single season.  I'm not even going to acknowledge any more Moss stats because he doesn't deserve the recognition.  Randy Moss & Albert Haynesworth are basically the two biggest bitches in NFL History.  All the talent and money in the world, and not an ounce of heart.  If these guys had any guts they'd both be 1st ballot Hall of Famers.  Moss will get in, but I guarantee not on the 1st ballot.  Haynesworth and Jamarcus Russell are one in the same; got paid then just gave up.  I will give Moss some credit for his statistics.  He had to play hard some times to achieve those numbers.  But if he had any stones or any respect for the game he would've accomplished much more. 

I wrote this in my head about 4 years ago, but now that Randy has decided to go public with his displeasure of the 49er offense, the harsh thoughts have crept back into my conscience.  I know these guys don't owe people anything for being talented.  They have the right to choose how they want to play football.  And if Randy Moss wants to believe he's the greatest receiver ever, he can go on being delusional for all I care.  Funny thing is if Moss actually wanted to be the best ever, he could have done so.  And if Albert Haynesworth wanted to be a football player and not just FAT Albert, he could do so.  Randy & Albert, you both win the Award for Most Talented Player with the Least Heart/Smallest Balls.  Congrats!!!

Sorry I don't have any of their cards so I'll just post THE REAL GREATEST RECEIVER OF ALL TIME.

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